Process of Collaborative project

During the process my group project, we would meet up twice a week, obviously it was a big ask to get people to commit to twice a week, so we agreed as a group as long as at least 1 person from your course made the session, it would then be up to them to meet up again to explain what was happening. We noticed throughout this project that especially in the case of the DMD students, we were attending all the meetings. But when it got to the process of actually creating the videos, we were give our opinions and give as much help as possible.

These are two screens from the website, but below is the website itself.


This was the final project – In The Background




Collaborative Project

The brief I have recieved for this project was for as a Digital Media Student I had to create a parallax website with a fellow student to help support each other. My group contained: four TV Production students, two Script writers, one radio student then me and a fellow digital media student. The project as a whole was to make a series of short films, then a radio piece to help explain the story with no visuals, then have a website that displays these elements with the same theme as the narrative.


I am happy with the final production of the web application. It has worked out better than I ever imagined as we didn’t think we would have time to implement a favourites button in there. Also creating all the HTML and CSS to make it as visually appealing as possible for our target audiences. The functionality of the website is great and the logging in and out system is a very simple process to follow as if it was difficult it wouldn’t be an effective web page. I like how on the home page there is a slideshow of several images, so this website is not a static site, there is movement. something always to look at within seconds.

Improvements, if we had more time we would of spent it making the favourite button more visually appealing to finish off the ideal look we wanted, also the responsiveness when the screen gets smaller as it moves the layers around too much.

This project has taught me to work well in a team and that I have to be very cooperative with people as they are with me

Log in function

The log in function is essential for this project, with this complete it will allow a favourites button to be added.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 02.48.45

This is the code used to log in which includes a session which displays a message if the username or password is wrong. By saying username or password is wrong it clears any verification issues.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 03.00.22

This is the code for logging out of the website, which when log out button is pressed, it will just destroy the web page, and take you back to the original webpage.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 03.06.05

This is how to register on the website. It will need all fields to be occupied with text for it to register you on to the system, which is stored on my the database, if all fields are filled out it will display a message that you are now registered or that your username already exists in which case you need to create a new one.


The main issue, we have had so far is to make the sort button work, as if you were to leave a filter blank it would cancel our the rest of the filters. Neither Connor or I were struggling to find out the problem, so we seemed assistance of one of our teachers who gave us a clue where were wrong but let us figure it out on our own, unless we were really struggling to come back. But in the end this was the code we did.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 02.20.47

It now sorts out which contact matches your search criteria on the drop down boxes.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 02.33.17

New Team Members

Due to uncooperative group members, Connor and I were joined with new team members Elliot and Seb which we were thankful for as it meant more support and more people for ideas and inspiration. However we came across a problem as Elliot and Seb were a lot further in to their project compared to us so we made an agreement that we would keep our projects separate but both be their supporting each other to get the best out of each others projects. I helped Elliot out with some final research planning this was beneficial to him but also to me as I got to know more about their website.

We knew that Easter was approaching and feared it would put strain on our projects not being in the same area or being able to contact each other easily. So we made a group Skype so over easter we are able to communicate and keep the project productivity on a high level.

Skype with Connor&Elliot

I am happy with the group changes and and excited to see both our creations at the end as a final product.


Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 09.14.33

I have started to upload the the wireframes on to the dokuwiki which was success. However I need to make my research available on there for it to be accessed by others. The wiki is useful because all of the URL’s are all in once place and it’s a lot easier to handle than having them randomly through out our blogs.