Occassion – Geocache

My first IOS application that I made was a learning curve for me. As it was learning a whole different programme cand languag. I picked up the language Swift pretty quickly and found I got myself very in to app design. This application was a Geo-location app.

For the Brief in the unit Design Iterations I had to create a Geocache Application using the software xCode which is swift coding language. To start this project I created the working title ‘Occassion’. The process of finding this working title is through a lot of researching into geocaching and what it represents, for example geocaching was originally a water proof box which held inside a log book, pencil, stamp and other items of value or trinkets. Following this original concept of geocaching and in relation creating a visualization app for the author of the geocache I found it portrays a very personal journey.


I started off by making some mock up graphics to include in the design work, that could be used as buttons. I implemented them in to tester app to see chow they looked first.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 23.56.01

Now the for the location app to actually locate you and the geocache itself. I coded it to recognise where the applciation is opened then to three other locations, where only in the one location the geocache willbe available to access. This happens via a button that will appear only within 100 metres of the geocache itself.



Finishing Logo

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 16.06.55.png

Over all this IOS worked succuessfully, being my first app made me realise how much I enjoyed it and how I will carry on to do more of it in my spare time to see what else can be created.


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