Process of Collaborative project

During the process my group project, we would meet up twice a week, obviously it was a big ask to get people to commit to twice a week, so we agreed as a group as long as at least 1 person from your course made the session, it would then be up to them to meet up again to explain what was happening. We noticed throughout this project that especially in the case of the DMD students, we were attending all the meetings. But when it got to the process of actually creating the videos, we were give our opinions and give as much help as possible.

These are two screens from the website, but below is the website itself.


This was the final project – In The Background




Collaborative Project

The brief I have recieved for this project was for as a Digital Media Student I had to create a parallax website with a fellow student to help support each other. My group contained: four TV Production students, two Script writers, one radio student then me and a fellow digital media student. The project as a whole was to make a series of short films, then a radio piece to help explain the story with no visuals, then have a website that displays these elements with the same theme as the narrative.