I am happy with the final production of the web application. It has worked out better than I ever imagined as we didn’t think we would have time to implement a favourites button in there. Also creating all the HTML and CSS to make it as visually appealing as possible for our target audiences. The functionality of the website is great and the logging in and out system is a very simple process to follow as if it was difficult it wouldn’t be an effective web page. I like how on the home page there is a slideshow of several images, so this website is not a static site, there is movement. something always to look at within seconds.

Improvements, if we had more time we would of spent it making the favourite button more visually appealing to finish off the ideal look we wanted, also the responsiveness when the screen gets smaller as it moves the layers around too much.

This project has taught me to work well in a team and that I have to be very cooperative with people as they are with me