For this research to work in favour of the website that has to be created for the assessment, researching 2-3different holiday websites will give us an idea for our own. The 2-3 different websites will vary across all holiday websites. It will give inspiration for the design, structure and overall layout of how holiday websites look. Also be looking for their own login in system, how it is displayed and how easy it is to login and out of the website.

This is the first holiday website we will research in depth. The first thing that is clear with this website is the colour scheme, different shades of blue and yellow, for a sunny holiday abroad, where you will go for a break and guaranteed sun. Front page is of a very picturesque image, with a luxurious shade hut and a open space which a place to relax, the image matches with the colour scheme of the website with the blue sky and sea then blue and white pillows.

This website has a search bar at the top with different listings options that users can chose from.

search bar

Starting from where they can fly from for their convenience. Then the next option is where the user actually wants to go for their holiday. After all being filled out, by clicking search it will bring up in relevance all your suited options in a very clear manor.


It is a very responsive website even on a mobile device, the screen will adjust you your screen size. The functionality is very basic but that’s all that is needed for the website because of it’s popularity it can’t be complex.

I would use this for inspiration with the colours because it’s website that implies a sunny holiday.


Second website I used was slightly different as I wanted one to compare to.


A very different page layout and colour scheme are used, it gives a more nature based feel. Again functionality is very good with how it works and the way it works, responsiveness is good again however it does not work well on mobile devices, it changes the whole structure of the website and you lose the majority of the background image, which is bad on the design partSimilar design layout with the content as the first website.

I think the functionality for these websites are all the same maybe with slight differences but it is just the display that gives it it’s own individuality because all the sites aims are the same. This website is great for being user friendly, as once you have clicked on your desired accommodation, on the left hand side it gives you a calendar to pick dates that are available for you to rent it out.


This website again has the same efficient functionality, but the design layout has been changed again for a different edge to the others.

This one uses a lot more colours to get the users attention. Colours that associate with a sunny holiday: blue, yellow and oranges are the domain colours.

This was the first result that the sort button thought was relevant. This is what my team aim to do, create a sort button with at least 2/3 sort field. The automated message to alert people that the rooms are being booked really quickly. Overall the website is responsive as it moves with your screen and also mobile devices.


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