Today I went in to university to get started on the first part of our home page HTML. But I bumped in to Rob and i sat down with him for an hour, maybe longer going through the basics of GitHub, which was to much of my advantage as Connor and I would work through this to transfer our work so we both have the same files to work off. Also if anything went wrong we could back track our work, find and sort out our problems without loosing all of are current work.

I worked through terminal to upload my files on the GitHub by using the command ‘commit’. Then the functions of push and pull mean I was able to access my work wherever by pulling it back down. Git has ‘repositories’ which act s a directory which allows me to add and edit files either via a command line interface or a graphic user interface. I have never used a command line interface until it was introduced to me through a seminar I had. I then experimented in my own time but I could never get the hang of it. So with my hour with Rob he explained it more so that I could understand easier. I think because there was an example I could follow it the made it easier for m to understand knowing he was doing it right and I was never sure on my own.

This was the Git test that I experimented with which was successful. Over the next few weeks I want to carry on working with terminal as I think I will use it on a regular basis through the process of this project and for future projects.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 21.07.48


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