The Brief

I have started a new unit for my course, the unit being Design For Digital Media Design (D4DMD for short).

We were asked to “Create a ‘social’ Web based application the addresses a specific ‘problem’ of a target audience of your choice. Your application will be brewer based and use the technologies of HTML5 and CSS for the visual design. You will also use a database and ‘server-side’ scripting language to control the data ‘architecture’ of the application.

This assessment will give me the chance to put my skills in to practice that I have been learning in my workshops over the past few months. By using these skills on my own will no assistance of a teacher in the room, it will test how much I have learnt and that I am capable to do on my own. This assignment requires me to work in “small groups” which I will find out within the next week. So any problems I encounter I will have team mates that can help me, likewise if they have any problems I can also help them, this way it will be a learning curve for everybody.


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