There were a few problems I encountered whilst in the process of making this infograpics poster. Firstly I was very new to the software when I found out we had to use Adobe Illustrator, so I had to spend time just playing around with  the software before I could properly start my poster as I wasn’t comfortable with the software.

Having an idea change made me panic half way through doing my poster as I didn’t think I would have time left. But it actually helped me, instead of struggling for ideas for my first idea, my second poster I was a lot more clear on and I knew where I was going with it.

Lastly, I struggled with the concept of the poster, my poster is nearly finished, but I need to do a few final finishing touches to make it, it’s best. However I am worried that it looks to plain, I know they need to be simple and easy to read but I am worried that it isn’t enough, but I will carry on thinking about new ideas to improve me work.


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