There were a few problems I encountered whilst in the process of making this infograpics poster. Firstly I was very new to the software when I found out we had to use Adobe Illustrator, so I had to spend time just playing around with  the software before I could properly start my poster as I wasn’t comfortable with the software.

Having an idea change made me panic half way through doing my poster as I didn’t think I would have time left. But it actually helped me, instead of struggling for ideas for my first idea, my second poster I was a lot more clear on and I knew where I was going with it.

Lastly, I struggled with the concept of the poster, my poster is nearly finished, but I need to do a few final finishing touches to make it, it’s best. However I am worried that it looks to plain, I know they need to be simple and easy to read but I am worried that it isn’t enough, but I will carry on thinking about new ideas to improve me work.


Idea Change

I started to carry on with my original design, but as I got further in to designing, I lost all inspiration for it and decided I could design something better and more effective so I went back to my research and thought about my infographics again.

This is my next design, in process and already I am getting a better feeling about it, I am now happy with the progress I am making with this one.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 00.17.46

My idea so far is going well, I am to put the percentages either sides on the boxes with the designated colours accorded to them. Maybe put some colour in the title.


I asked people (An equal amount of boys and girls) where they shopped online and these are the results I got.

Men           Women

River island   32%          28%

Primark         9%            12%

Topshop       41%           22%

Matalan        4%             2%

New Look    14%            36%

I have already worked them out as percentages, so this will be easier to enter in to my Infographics poster

Further Research

I found this idea particulary interesting, as the representation of the escalators worked really well, even though it did not show any official information, just it being there gives off the representation of some sort of shopping experience.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 16.36.57

I might pursue an idea like this, as I have found this one unique and simple therefore. I have had basic training in Illustrator. However I am currently using Illustrator and playing around with different effects and all the different tools. This has been helping me get ideas together as I am finding out what I can do with the software.