Task 2

My second task producing creative photo images which exploit long exposure and also photo images that exploit short exposure.

For my long exposure photo images, I took photos of cars going up and down a road to get the blurred effect of the head lights as they went passed, also with a clear background. These photos were also taken in the dark so the light was better to see and it would blur more


These photos below are the examples I have taken with a short exposure. I dropped a coin in to a glass of water and with the use of my camera, I was able to capture the coin fall through the water will the after effect of the bubbles coming to the top of the glass.


I found this task interesting to play around with the shutter speeds, seeing the different effects it can create. I would do this task again as a casual task as if I took the shutter speed slower and faster it would make an even better effect.

Within this task I also had to create a joiner image in the style of David Hockney.

I took different close up photo’s of a purfume bottle, then uploaded them on to my laptop and then fixed them all together again. Getting the desired effect of the image not looking perfect, but still able to make it out what the image is just by viewing it.

david hockneys photo


Development and Realisation

After looking at the brief again, I now have to chose between two of the 2 out of the 10 options we were given, to do my A2 poster that people will be able to understand visually with as little writing as possible.

My two options are:

  • Where have you been and when


  • Where do different genders shop online

I will carry this week on researching and thinking of ideas for both, then I will decide which one will work better for me. Here’s an example of the type of poster that I am aiming to creating.


Here you can clearly see the ratio of boys to girls with the image, with minimal writing at the top as a basic heading.

Also with the second image, the further up the ball on the mouse means above that will be the percentage.

Development and Realisation Introduction

Today I started a new unit in my Digital Media Design course. Meaning It was a detail introduction of what I will be studying for the next 6 weeks and what will be covered in seminars and also in workshops to help us with what software to use and to familiarise ourselves with it.

We have two tasks we have to complete within this unit. First one being a DESIGN ANALYSIS. Creating a blog filled with work throughout the module reflecting on my ideas, then following on to research and planning my ideas to finally design an A2 poster brief which is part of my task two.

To do this I will illustrate my ideas from start to finish. Including: all ideas, mindmaps, brainstorms to any documents that I find useful within this unit.

Task 2: Communication Design

I need to visually communicate ideas from 6 brief ideas that I will have to chose from. Currently none of them have drawn out to me, I will go back over the brief again and narrow it down to two then chose the one best suited to me. Then through my workshops I will be learning the software that it needs to be created on, so I can further my software knowledge as well as it benefitting me in my assessment for this particular unit.

After Effects – Moving Shapes

In today’s workshop I created a random shape in Adobe Photoshop, by putting different shapes together to create something completely unique. I merged all the layers together in Photoshop, to then duplicate then in a circular motion. After doing this, I was then able to make the shapes move around in After Effects. rotating clockwise. Once that was successful. I then added more effects such as adding a sparkle in the middle, which fanned out more sparkles throughout the moving image.

Let it snow

I was introduced to After Effects and I was taught how to make the effect of snow looking real in a 3D setting, making the snow flakes the right size and colour, to then create the 3D effect of them falling from the sky and how far/slow they fall. I have to admit this task was quite challenging, as the steps taken were not complex, it was just how many steps which was hard to remember.